Studio Nomads Ltd is a digital content production company registered in Kenya. We provide customized marketing solutions to suit our clients needs & offer job opportunities to freelance artists.

Through its operations over time, Studio Nomads Ltd has gathered valuable insights in various fields in Kenya including and not limited to the launch of solar power products, the cycling community, Kenya’s nightlife, the electronic dance music scene & the motor sports industry.

We have set up & organized four yearly mountain biking challenges in Kajiado County known as Kajiado XC. We built awareness of these events by publishing content on various internet platforms.

Studio Nomads Ltd takes pride in the work it has done for Kajiado XC and Empeut Resort Ltd. We have been instrumental in crafting & building all aspects of Kajiado XC’s and Empeut’s website presence and digital footprint. Our objective is to create a tasteful & real account of our clients visions.

Our outlook for 2020 will see us implement solutions to challenges we experienced during the implementation of our clients visions. 2020 will also see us organize the 5th edition of Kajiado XC on 14th November 2020.

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